Free Returns & Return Policy offers free returns on some items (see exclusion below).  Look for “Free Returns” next to the price to confirm that the item qualifies for free returns. Products can be returned within 30 days from receipt of shipment.

To receive Free Returns on your eligible product(s)

    • Only product(s) marked with Free Returns are eligible for Free Returns.  Free Returns apply to product(s) fulfilled by Hohm Tech and shipped within the United States by way of First Class Mail (FCM).  It does not apply to the same product(s) fulfilled by any other company or source of acquisition.
    • No minimum purchase is required to receive Free Returns.
    • Free Returns is only applicable to all U.S. states, territories, and all APO/FPO mail centers with a United States zip code. Additional geographic shipping restrictions may apply to particular products.
    • If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, return the eligible product(s) in new and unused condition in the original packaging for a full refund in accordance with our return policy. We do not refund product price and original shipping (excluding any express/premium shipping methods and/or add-on services).
    • All product packaging, contents, and authenticity identifiers must be intact and returned with the product. Any product(s) returned without original documentation will be rejected. Any product(s) that have been tampered with, used, have any sign of wear/damage will not be accepted for return.
    • Eligible product(s) must be returned using a trackable shipping method as provided. Please contact our Customer Service on, enter your order number, and request to return your product(s).  If you need assistance, we will guide you through the process. We offer two options to return the eligible product(s):
      • USPS drop-off or pickup option: You can drop off your return at the authorized USPS location of your choice. There is no charge for this option.  Or your postal carrier can pick the product(s) up.
      • FedEx drop-off option: You can drop off your return at the authorized FedEx location of your choice.  This option is available for purchases that were originally shipped by FedEx Ground.
    • Hohm Tech will process your return and issue a full refund with no deduction for return shipping after receiving your return of the eligible product(s). If you return the product(s) that are ineligible for free returns, the original purchase price and the original shipping will be refunded only (no return shipping label will be provided). If you return non-eligible for Free Returns with the product(s) that are eligible for free returns, Hohm Tech may deduct the shipping costs for the ineligible products(s). In addition, some special product, order, or handling fees may still apply.



    1. Any shipping method(s) other than First Class Mail (FCM), that is delivered within the 50 States of the United States, is not refundable.  A return label may be offered by Hohm Tech by way of FCM, but the original shipping method(s) originally selected other than FCM are non-refundable.