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Capacity: 2856mAh
Max Charge Rate: 4.28A
Max Charge Voltage: 4.2V
Continuous Discharge Rate: 22.1A
Max 80oC | 2.8V cut-off: 31.6A
Pulse | Peak: 37.4A
Max Safe Cut-Off: 2.5V
Cycle Life Retention: 500 Cycles (78%), 1000 (71%)
Chemistry Type: QSP Li-NMC
Spec. Sheet in Download Center: Yes
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STRETCH bridges the gap of high amperage & endurance. With its >22A capabilities, and robust 2856mAh, it is Hohm Tech International’s first hybrid-purpose cell. It unites a higher amperage chemistry ratio with proven endurance-based compounds. In low power applications it rivals the very best of high capacity cells, but obliterates these same cells on amperage capabilities while maintaining respectable temperatures. Hohm Tech Int’l has equipped the Hohm Stretch with it’s proprietary structure and top cap. That’s just the beginning. Hohm Stretch is given white glove treatment in that it is the 1st cell to see the QSP (4x stripping process) stage, which makes it hybrid-purpose capable.  Using a Lithium (Li) Nickel (Ni) Cobalt (Co) Manganate formula unlocks capabilities that typically would take 2 completely different cells to perform. Whether running at max CDR, or at the 80°C cut-off output limit, Stretch exhibits cooler operating temperatures vs. all previous HT cells above 2.7aH. Cooler operating temperatures allows greater cell life and load capabilities. Hohm STRETCH is fully capable of 22.1A load (>5% gain) while forfeiting only a small amount of capacity vs. Hohm LIFE.


We are pleased to share that Hohm STRETCH is designed to feed insanely power-hungry devices, while not having to swap batteries every other minute, hour, week, and month. This battery is built for the long haul. These are rated by Indonesia Chemistry at 2856mAh capacity, with a CDR of 22.1A and a 80°C cut-off @ 31.6A. All ratings are subject to meet and/or exceed strict limitation policies set forth for DLr1, TID2, PVDL3, CLR4, mΩR5, and Temperature (°C).


Every Hohm Tech cell model has been tested and certified by UN38.3, EN62133, IEC62133 2nd Edition, and UL1642 accredited laboratories and testing facilities assigned by regulatory bodies.  This includes MSDS, CE, ROHS, UN38.3, IEC, Specifications, and Air/Sea Transport certifications.  We do not cut corners. We deliver what we promise… chart topping performance, capacity, consistency, and safety.


To expound on safety:


‌• cathode tag consisting of high purity aluminum is utilized to aid in lowering internal resistance
‌• poly seal with refined bitumen is installed in every cell to ensure internal compounds stay inside as well as aid in controlling pressure
‌• each cell is fitted with our proprietary EPTC (Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient) ring with higher multiplier of resistance
‌• every cell is equipped with 2-stage CID (Current Interrupt Device) system to aid in overcharge prevention


* NOTICE: Hohm Tech does not manufacture batteries. These are licensed and made specific to the requirements set forth.
** CAN BE CHARGED AT 4.28A. This is not a misprint. 4.28A as in FOUR POINT TWO EIGHT amp charging is possible, tested, proven, and approved within all strict safety protocols set by Indonesia Chemistry.
*** TESTING BEYOND TEMPERATURE. Hohm Tech cells utilize both static & dynamic testing that includes but not limited to: density loss, thermal distribution, volt drop limiters, cycle life retention, and temperature. These tests are imperative to achieve true cell performance, longevity, and overall quality.


*1 Density Loss Ratio

*2 Thermal Image Distribution

*3 Pulse Voltage Drop Limitation

*4 Cycle Life Retention

*5 Resistance Retentivity Pre/Post

*6 Pulse & Peak is applicable to Dynamic EV Systems @ ≤5 SEC ON / ≥30 SEC OFF







  • DO NOT PUT IN FIRE, oven, microwave, or heat over 100oC (212oF), as it can EXPLODE.
  • NEVER CARRY or store OUTSIDE of its protective packaging or a PROTECTIVE CELL CASE.
  • NEVER PUT IN POCKET, purse, or anywhere WITH METAL OBJECTS including COINS and KEYS. Otherwise cells could short-circuit and EXPLODE.
  • DO NOT USE IN A DEVICE THAT EXCEEDS MAX CELL WATTAGE (listed on each cell and retail packaging).  Otherwise if device fails to stop pulling power, the cell capabilities can be exceeded causing catastrophic failure and EXPLODE.
  • DO NOT USE A LOWER RESISTANCE (Ω) # (listed on each cell and retail packaging).  Otherwise cell capabilities can be exceeded causing catastrophic failure and EXPLODE.
  • DO NOT USE CELL WITH ANY DAMAGE TO ITS STRUCTURE OR OUTER PROTECTIVE LABEL (also called “WRAP”, “sleeve”, “skin”). Damage may include: dent(s), tear(s), nick(s), puncture(s), corrosion, or any other undisclosed abnormalities or undisclosed damages.  ALWAYS INSPECT cell VISUALLY and by TOUCH to SEE/FEEL for damage BEFORE EACH USE.  ** SEE ILLUSTRATION BELOW AS GUIDELINE. **
  • NEVER LEAVE UNATTENDED WHILE CHARGING.  As unlikely as it may be, a charger could malfunction or cause a short-circuit, leading to catastrophic failure and EXPLODE.
  • ALWAYS REMOVE CELL(s) from CHARGER ONCE FULLY CHARGED to ensure they are not at risk of exposure to any potential charger malfunction such as overcharging.  ONLY USE LI-ION CHARGER (3.6V & 3.7V)
  • DO NOT CHARGE HIGHER THAN MAX CHARGE VOLTAGE (V) (typically 4.2V) or DISCHARGE BELOW MAX VOLTAGE CUT-OFF (V) (typically 2.5V).  Overcharging or over discharging cell can cause catastrophic failure and EXPLODE.
  • ALWAYS USE MATCHING CELLS in MULTI-CELL DEVICES. Differences in cell capacity can lead to overcharging or over-discharging cell.  This can lead to catastrophic failure of one or more cells causing EXPLOSION.
  • IF USING A MULTI-CELL DEVICE, IT MUST HAVE A NON-CONDUCTIVE BARRIER (typically plastic) to PREVENT CELLS FROM TOUCHING METAL except for the very center of top and bottom of cell.  Otherwise cell(s) could short-circuit and EXPLODE.
  • ALWAYS use, connect, charge, and OPERATE CELL(s) WITHIN THEIR CAPABILITIES as listed on each battery and in the brochure, while adhering to the device’s user manual.
  • IF USED IN A DEVICE THAT CAN OR DOES USE MORE THAN 50% of cell MAX AMPERAGE (A) OR MAX WATTAGE (W) LIMIT, (listed on each cell and its packaging), REPLACE WITHIN 100 DAYS DAYS OF PURCHASE OR IMMEDIATELY IF DAMAGED.  Higher amperage/wattage accelerates cell aging and degradation, which decreases performance, capacity, and safety.
  • IF ONLY USED IN A DEVICE THAT CANNOT BE SET OVER 50% of cell MAX AMPERAGE (A) OR MAX WATTAGE (W) LIMIT, (listed on each cell and its packaging), REPLACE WITHIN 180 DAYS OF PURCHASE OR IMMEDIATELY IF DAMAGED.  Otherwise as cell ages and degrades with time and use, it decreases performance, capacity, and safety.
  • COMPLETELY READ and follow this WARNING section listed here, above, below, in brochure, and listed on each cell and its retail packaging.
  • SEARCH www.YouTube.com for “HOW TO REWRAP 18650” and “18650 EXPLOSIONS” to understand and know the importance of using and maintaining lithium ion cells properly.

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