Hohm Skillet

Hohm Skillet


The Little Guy That Could...

• Top-Fill SKILLET Atomizer w/ Juice Windows

*Why aren’t all atomizer this simple?

• Combed Koh Gen Do Cotton & 304 SS Coils

* Allows thicker VG juices to flow freely along cotton grain & pathways without anti-flow knap blockage
*Removes 99.9% of debris larger than 45 microns (μ) left behind in uncombed & traditional cotton
*304 SS to ensure absolute safety

• FSK1 Chip w/ Multistage Stepping Watt System

*Effcient, Smart, & Multitasks. Automatically adjusts watts: PUSHES harder when using lower ohm (Ω) & watt-demanding coils, and SOFTENS wattage when using higher ohm (Ω) & battery saving coils.

• Tri-Color Battery Power Indicator Light

*Blue Light: 40-100%, Green: 20-39%, Red: 1-19%

• Integrated DuraLife 2200mAh Battery

*True 2200mAh with 2.5V bottom out for ALL DAY VAPING.

• Reinforced 1 Amp (1A) Charge Port

*2+ Hr. to 100% Charge.

• Quick Swap Coil System

*720° Twist & Swap

• Liquid-Ceramic Coating that’s KILN CURED

*Get it Dirty...Wipe....Looks Just as Good Tomorrow


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Built as an affordable method to greater the chances of a successful transition to vaping. This is a bit of an advanced mod...that's simple as clicking the button.

Contents of each SKILLET:

Phenomenal Vape in a Simple Shape...

  • Top-Fill SKILLET Atty
  •  FSK Mini Chip w/ MSS2
  • SS 0.5Ω Combed KGD Coil (CKCC)3
  • SS 1.0Ω Combed KGD Coil (CKCC)2
  • Duralife 2200mAh Battery
  • Poly-lnsulate Charging Cable
  • English Manual (Real English)
  • 90 Day Warranty Card


The little Guy That Could...

Identical specs and features as Iustrated

but without liquid-ceramic inlaid symbols.

  1. FSK: Flagship Killer Chip Co.
  2. Multistage Stepping Watts System
  3. Combed Koh Gen Do Cotton Coil (CKCC)